Enn ti dite Episode 4

Marie-Lou from MauriDoc is our guest on Enn ti dite avek Metennkoste to talk about Movember!


Marie-Lou is tells us everything we need to know on how to support the Movember foundation in their fight to raise awareness on Men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, as well as their fight for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Our guest explained that there are 3 symbolic ways you can support the Movember movement. 

  1. Proudly wear a moustache! 

“It does not matter if you’re a man or woman, if it’s a real or fake moustache, this is a sign that you support the movement.” says Marie-Lou. 

The moustache is the driving symbol behind the whole movement. Be one of the ‘Mo-Bros’ and encourage all men around you to go for annual check-ups and to be aware of family history for cancer. 

  1. Walk or run 60Kms!

Marie-Lou explained that 60Kms is a tribute to the 60 men that loose their lives to depression and suicide every hour. This is a shocking number. One that we are not used to hear in our everyday lives but there is a higher suicide rate amongst men compared to women. So, after you run your 60 kilometers, don’t forget to take some time to talk to people around you and normalize seeking help for mental health issues. 

  1. Get together and donate to Movember Charity. 

Movember is also about uniting people and making them realize that a small action can add up to a lot in the end! The Movember movement which started in 2004 in Melbourne Australia has raised north of $174 millions worldwide to fund cancer research and mental health awareness programmes.

You now have the opportunity to join that movement and donate to the Movember Foundation via MauriDoc’s moneypot. Met enn koste pou Movember!