Enn ti dite Episode 5

Tigann, a book that made us cry, laugh, think and cry a little more… but with joy this time!

Dani - Metennkoste

Metennkoste had the chance to meet Melanie Pérès, a young, passionate and talented woman with whom we spoke about music, musicals and literature, particularly about her book; Tigann.

Through her anecdotes, Mélanie tells us how she wrote her songs, what inspired and motivated her. It was hard not to fall in love with this fascinating and inspiring little piece of a woman. Suffice to say, after our interview we could only become bigger fans of Melanie!  

We asked her all the questions in the world about her book Tigann. This book shows that Melanie has this need to reconnect with her roots. She, who was forbidden to speak Creole when she was little, is today the ambassador par excellence of our mother tongue. Tigann has also made us realize the value of things we take for granted. (If you don’t want a spoiler, don’t listen to this part of the video 🤣)

Melanie’s work revolves a lot around the condition of mauritian women. She uses her talent as a writer to lift the veil on many ailments affecting our society and in her poignant works, pushes us to reflect on the place given to women. 

After writing Tigann, Mélanie presents the musical Tigann in which she herself will be part. Frankly, we can’t wait! But hey, we will have to wait for the lifting of restrictions! The two representations of Tigann, the musical, should happen by the end of February 2023 according to Melanie.

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