Our Story

« Enabling people to pull together and empowering them to express their love and support through money pots.»

Like most young adults out there, we know the feeling of having a head full of projects and desires but pockets not deep enough to realise them!

Metennkoste is nothing new. Solidarity and sharing are fundamental Mauritian values. ‘Met enn koste’ is an expression in Mauritian Creole which perfectly sums up the purpose and the spirit of our company. ‘Met enn koste’ means: to contribute. 


“I vividly remember my college years when, along with my friends, we contributed for countless reasons. To buy a football, to celebrate a friend’s birthday, to pay for the van for our nights out, and so on.” – Hishaam, Co-founder


The concept of our service already existed, But you’ll have to admit, pulling money together in a group has some major drawbacks. 

Bringing everyone together, communicating the purpose of the contribution, collecting the money, giving out the change, bookkeeping, that’s the perfect recipe for a major headache if you’re no longer fifteen and have bigger fish to fry! This is why Metennkoste exists. To re-adapt this wonderful concept of ​​’Met enn koste’ to the 21st century, for the adults we have become.


We believe in Technology for good. This is also why Metennkoste exists. 

We grew aware of the impact we could have by acting as facilitators for funding projects that would benefit the community as a whole.