It’s wedding season baby! by Marie


We all know people around us who were supposed to get married 👰🏽 this year or maybe even last year. The covid decided otherwise. Is it really a disaster or a ‘blessing in disguise’? … In any case, the bravest who cannot wait are getting married this year with the authorized number of guests. They realized that they could save quite a bit of money in the process (smart 😉)

However, a very very important thing in weddings are the famous envelopes 💌 with the pennies of your generous guests known in Mauritian language : “The famous No gift box”. But with the current situation, fewer guests mean fewer envelopes. We agree to say that the “no gift box” concept during Covid times is “has been”?

Yes, it is not very effective when you are having a wedding with 50 people instead of 250! Metennkoste helps all those who cannot attend your wedding to still make you happy. Admit how cool it is if your Aunt Solange and your cousin Gertrude can’t come because of the Covid they can send you money anyway!

Oh yes!💡 Your loved ones can contribute even if they are on the other side of the world by credit card: visa, mastercard. Mari top!

In a few words: After creating your special wedding money pot, send the link to your family and friends. Ti lipie lor gro lipie watch the contributions come in and your money pot grow!

The solution is here!

Don’t hesitate to share this article with your close ones who are getting married soon!/Pa ezite partaz sa lartik la avek to bann pros ki pe marye! 🎉