Ti Zistwar – Kreol Morisien


  • 150,000

    Funding Goal
  • 10,750

    Funds Raised
  • 32 Days to go
Minimum amount is ₨200 Maximum amount is ₨

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Ti Zistwar is above all my small contribution to thank the universe and at the same time touch your heart. This is not just a book, but an experience that I’d love you to live. Thanks to Met Enn Koste and your contribution, Ti Zistwar will be able to continue its path. I’ll be able to print more copies, touch more souls and share more love!


Delivery by post: Please make sure to leave your physical address so we can organize for the delivery! Thank you

Mauritius – Within 2 to 3 weeks from the end date of the money pot 30.06.2022

Abroad – an additional fee will be added to cover our shipping costs, or we can deliver to a relative in Mauritius. Please specify address.


Creole version

Si to pe lir sa, savedir ki mo’nn resi pibliye Ti Zistwar, enn fedartifis literer. Zame mo ti pou krwar ki sa pou arive, ki enn rev parey kapav realize!

Kifer ‘fedartifis’ to pe demande? Parski se enn liv ki pa swiv bann reg literer ki bien trase, me ki sorti inpe andeor sime. Malgre dezord ki to pou trouve kan to pou feyte, mo espere ki sa fedartifis-la pou fer to lesiel eklere!

Dekouver Ti Zistwar kouma to oule. To lib pou swazir seki to leker anvi lir. Poem, zistwar, pies teat; mo ti anvi inklir enn bout de tou seki mo fer, tou bann eleman ki reprezant mo liniver. Dayer, mo bizin remersie tou bann dimounn ki partaz mo lekritir, ki dir mwa kouma mo bann mo fer zot retrouv zot sourir. Mo lobzektif avek sa koleksion poem, zistwar e pies teat-la se fer zot realiz boukou zafer, e sirtou remet zotmem an kestion dan enn peryod kot lavi pe perdi so bann kouler.

Ti Zistwar se enn ti kontribision ki mo pe fer pou remersie liniver e anmemtan tous to leker. Se pa zis enn liv, me enn lexperyans ki mo pe invit twa dekouver. Gras-a Met Enn Koste, gras-a to kontribision, mo pou kapav kontinie parkour Ti Zistwar, fer li zwenn plis dimounn e propaz lamour.


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July, 2022

Estimated Delivery
2 backers


1 Livre

July, 2022

Estimated Delivery
1 backers


1 Livre +3 Bookmarks

July, 2022

Estimated Delivery
1 backers


1 Livre Dédicacé + 5 Bookmarks

July, 2022

Estimated Delivery
5 backers
Name Backed Amount Date
Girishnath Nagowah 750 19-05-22
Clarina Jeanneton 600 19-05-22
Geraldine Merle 1,000 17-05-22
Nigel Carvert 1,000 17-05-22
Tenusha Jundoosing 1,000 16-05-22
Shahtaaj Ally - 200 16-05-22
Nishale Wong Tak Hung 200 14-05-22
Pawan Ramlall 1,000 14-05-22
Gjemma Nastili 5,000 13-05-22


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To finn kre pou kre, kontinie briye! –– Gjemma Nastili

Nice work –– Nishale Wong Tak Hung

Hey there! Please note that I do not want any delivery/postage. I know Ryan personally & I'd love to get my bookmarks from him. Thank you very much! :) –– Shahtaaj Ally -

Kot kpv aidé m aidé ! Kan nou mort narien nu pa prnd nu aler ! –– Girishnath Nagowah