European BJJ Championship

by Yassin Takun

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On the 28th May, the Mauritius Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation will be sending 3 of his National Athletes to represent our quadricolor for the European BJJ Championship.
After 2 years away from all International Competition due to covid. We are coming back on the International Stage stronger and determine to make it to the podium and bring the gold to Mauritius.

Do help our Athletes to make it for this competition as they need financial push to be able to make it to Portugal.



Name Backed Amount Date
Lakshana Chamoo 500 22-05-22
Bhisham Chamoo 600 21-05-22
umayr oozeer 1,500 18-05-22
Mohsena Olath-Carramtally 1,000 18-05-22
Sheriza Ramjun 200 18-05-22
Naazish Sakauloo 100 18-05-22
Rukhsaar Bunally 500 17-05-22
Kirti Vencatachellum 50 16-05-22
Yogesh Futtinga 100 16-05-22
Yusra Raisah Takun 2,000 16-05-22
Jaunbocus Tawfiq 5,000 16-05-22
Roumesh Gooljar 500 13-05-22
Jessica Koonjul 200 12-05-22
Aziim Ramzan 500 12-05-22
Azhar Subratty 4,059 10-05-22
Anthony Lionel 1,000 09-05-22
Ismael Emritte 100 09-05-22
Nazeerah Fatadin 100 09-05-22
Yassin Takun 100 09-05-22
nishiven Narrainen 100 09-05-22
Éric LAFFONT 500 09-05-22


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Messages from contributors

Let us do it –– Éric LAFFONT

Go for gold! –– Aziim Ramzan

If you dont support today no one will support you tomorro –– Jaunbocus Tawfiq

Good luck guys –– Mohsena Olath-Carramtally

All the best guys –– Bhisham Chamoo

Come on team ❤💙💛💚 –– Lakshana Chamoo