Enn ti dite Episode 3

In this Episode of Enn ti dite, Sidharta, a trauma support specialist, entrepreneur, meditator, and author of ‘Lavi enn zoli partaz’ shares with us her journey to writing her book.

“It all started during 2020’s lockdown. I had plenty of time for myself to pay more attention to how my thoughts were panning out and how I was limiting myself in many things I wanted to do because of my imposter’s syndrome” says Sidhartha.

Lavi enn zoli partaz is the product of an inner conversation she had with herself and that she started documenting in an electronic journal at first. Then she met her partner with whom she shared her writings. It was he who decided to surprise her one day by printing all her notes and materializing for the first time what would become her first book.

In Jamaica, they do not say 'We' but 'I and I'


Sidharta understood the whole sense of that quote when she realized that the more she shared her work, the more people felt connected to her writing and they were asking for more of it. It was as if we all had the same little voice inside our heads telling us the same things. Hence the term ‘I and I’ as if we were all connected and the same in some way.

Lavi enn zoli partaz is not only a collection of her thoughts and poems but also a collection of positive affirmations. The main goal of this book is to help readers become the best versions of themselves and achieve their highest potential.

You can help Sidharta publish and commercialize her book by participating in her fundraising initiative below!