Mael’s Birthday Gift

par Agnes Descombes

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DĂ©tails de la cagnotte

Hello eveyone ! 🙂

You are all invited to participate in the family gift funding for Mayou 1st birthday. As Mael turned 1 on the 5th of April and due to the current situation we wanted to give him a or some gifts.

The goal is to contribute in order to collect approximately rs 5000 to buy his gift. We saw a giant funny slide for kids that he will surely appreciate.

It is also a test for Marie & Hishaam’s platform.

I count on your generosity in order to give a dream gift to Mayou !

Thanks a lot


Nom Montant Date
Anonyme 200 17-05-20
Anonyme 200 17-05-20
Anonyme 100 12-05-20
Anonyme 200 12-05-20


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