Help Joe-Ann attend the London School of Economics

par Joe-Ann Chavry

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Joe-Ann Chavry

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Détails de la cagnotte

Hey everyone,

I am Joe-Ann, and have been offered the opportunity to study at the prestigious London School of Economics for the MSc in Media and Communications, commencing September 2021 and need your support to help me get there.

In recent years, I have witnessed increased stigmatisation of people of colour- especially women – in the media. It has come to my attention that a significant proportion of the Mauritian society was left out of media participation and of the citizenship discourse, based on intersectional questions, such as race and gender.

I am driven by the desire to have an impact. By building on the past 10 years in the Media and Communications industry, I want to further explore how new data-driven media and technologies inform questions of democracy and of citizenship participation in Mauritius, especially for vulnerable groups, like women of colour.

Early 2021, I was made redundant and this has put me in a position that has, unfortunately, stalled my educational ambitions.

I am a self-driven woman, I have always been! My story is one where overcoming hurdles along the way has been part of the journey; back in 2007 I was determined to find a route towards pursuing tertiary education overseas. My parents could not afford to finance this dream, and I set myself the goal of finding a way. I worked hard with determination for my HSC exams and was awarded the State Scholarship by the Mauritian Government to study in Australia.

I am the result of generations of hard work, and feel that it is my duty to keep growing into a critical media thinker and practitioner who can positively contribute to the community as Mauritius recovers from the effects of COVID-19.

I want us to believe that we can be and do better both individually and as a community, and need you to achieve my goals.

Nom Montant Date
Anonyme 100 02-08-21
Alexandra Holt 1,500 27-07-21
Mari Baardseth 200 21-07-21
Anonyme 500 21-07-21
Anonyme 1,000 21-07-21
Sabrina GOORIAH 1,000 21-07-21
Anjinsen Valamootoo 200 19-07-21
Anonyme 100 18-07-21
Phils Wei 200 17-07-21
Olivier Chavry 4,000 17-07-21
Anonyme 1,000 16-07-21
Néhémie Gentil 1,000 16-07-21
Daniella Bastien 3,000 16-07-21
Sébastien Le Blanc 500 15-07-21
Stephanie Szkilnik 3,000 14-07-21
Anne Valerie Arlapen 1,000 13-07-21
Perrine Rouiller 3,000 13-07-21
Ritish Ritoo 500 13-07-21
Nathalie Platel 500 13-07-21
Tracy George 100 12-07-21
Audrey Albert 300 12-07-21
Anonyme 500 11-07-21
Linda Hugues Gregoire 200 09-07-21
Leroy Samy 1,000 09-07-21
Katty Laguette 100 09-07-21
Antonio Iervolino 2,500 09-07-21
Nabil Moolna 500 09-07-21
Anthony Omar 100 08-07-21
Anonyme 200 08-07-21
Humairaa Tarsoo 1,000 08-07-21
Christabelle Duhamel 500 08-07-21
Emilline Law Kwang 1,000 08-07-21
Nadarajen Acheemootoo 200 08-07-21


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