Healthy life Happy life – Reusable Pads Project

par Rotary Club Moka

  • 45,000

    Objectif de financement
  • 6,900

    Fonds recoltés
  • 10 Jours restant
Le montant minimum est ₨300 Le montant maximum est ₨

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Détails de la cagnotte

Helping every woman be healthy and free


With current economic challenges faced by many households, there is still a financial burden when it comes to providing sanitary pads for girls and women from financially challenged homes.


We at the Rotary Club of Moka alongside our partners are calling on the public to join us as we offer a lasting assistance that is also eco-friendly. We will be distributing at least 2 medically approved Reusable Sanitary Pads each to 50 young girls and women around the island thus, bringing the total expected cost to Rs 45,000. We cannot do it alone but with your contribution, we can do even more (maybe even a hundred). Together, anything is possible. Happy giving!


Nom Montant Date
Saheb Ahsan 1,200 14-09-21
Marie Natacha Hippolyte 300 07-09-21
Maud TSE 300 04-09-21
Benazir Sahobooa 300 02-09-21
Anonyme 300 01-09-21
Emilie Chinnathumbee 300 31-08-21
HUguette Cupidon 600 31-08-21
Anonyme 300 31-08-21
Reshikha Seeboruth 600 30-08-21
Anonyme 300 29-08-21
Anonyme 300 29-08-21
Siddarth Groodo 300 29-08-21
Anonyme 900 29-08-21
Anonyme 300 29-08-21
Anonyme 600 29-08-21


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