Championnat de La Reunion 2022

par Yassin Takun

  • 250,000

    Objectif de financement
  • 1,600

    Fonds recoltés
  • 6 Jours restant
Le montant minimum est ₨50 Le montant maximum est ₨

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Détails de la cagnotte

The Mauritius Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (MBJJF) received the invitation from our neighbour island, Reunion Island to participate for the  » Championnat de La Reunion 2022 « . The competition will be happening on the 10th July. Being a short journey and having a lot athletes training hard and want to prove themselves on the mat. The MBJJF will be sending a group of approximately 35 Athletes to go represent Mauritius there and show what Mauritian Blood whats made of. We have a lot of youngsters training hard everyday to go get the GOLD for Mauritius.

We calling out to all Mauritian who would like to support these athletes and help them make it there to Met Enn Koster to help them in their finance situation, as it never easy for an athletes to find the means necessary to make it to there.

Thank you for your help in supporting our Young National Athletes.

Nom Montant Date
Jordan Dilofrais 100 23-06-22
Khalida Sohun 1,000 22-06-22
Hanaa Mohamodhossen 500 21-06-22


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All the best!! –– Hanaa Mohamodhossen

Good Luck 🤙 –– Khalida Sohun